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cystoid macular edema treatment

Posted: Sat Mar 14, 2020 4:54 am
by raspellious
Hi Ill keep this short have suffered chronic Irits in past but had a good 3 years now break, however vision went funny especially looking at letters, clear but all hazy around it very strange feeling.. Anyway long story short went to see ophthalmologist she didnt really give much away I kind of grasped she said i had CME as the optician i went to prior had mentioned macular edema, Had eye scan and some dye put in vains, she then just kinda did some paper work and didnt discuss anything and said come back in 3 weeks it should clear itself in 3 months time. Just with my vision all strange and the fact im used to getting iritis and needing to sort it immediatly with treatment or it gets a lot worse in a short space of time. Im hla b27 positive and only have one good eye which is the one I always get iritis in and now CME so maybe why im worried, just wanted to hear that its normal to leave untreated and that it should clear itself i guess as my previous run ins with irits and the doctor/hospital has never been very positive and you tend to have to fight your corner for treatment. Thankyou...