Hello milkiness, my old friend ... not!

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Willie B
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Hello milkiness, my old friend ... not!

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Hello all,

I originally had iritis in 1984 when I was 24 and I had 12 or so episodes over the next five years.

At one stage I was told that I shouldn't work on computers so I switched jobs, only for computers to take hold in the new job.

Then in 1989 I had my wisdom teeth out and the iritis vanished. Woo-hoo!

Yesterday I woke up and my eye was gritty and vision milky. At first I thought it was a bit of sleep over my eye but washing it did no good. Fortunately I live a 5min walk from our local hospital.

From going through triage in the UTC to seeing a nurse practitioner then an eye consultant to walking out with a bag full of eyedrops took just 1hr 45min. Excellent service from the UK NHS.

I'm now keeping my fingers crossed that I can stay on top of the condition this time.

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