Iritis scarring of lens capsule reduces vision

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Iritis scarring of lens capsule reduces vision

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Jotting down some ideas as I did not realize scarring reduces vision. Confirm my speculations with doctor.

-scarring can occur in the pupil area and this will affect vision. At night, pupil very small so damage worse.
Sticking starts at pupil and moves out


-I was told not to worry about 360 degree adhesion if
Dilated. Iris bombe. Literally an explosive. Confirm.
-Adhesions can be painless with no warning other than red. You could wakeup blind. Most likely on second attack where sticking occurs. Previous scarring seems to make it easier to stick sooner and release later

-with large pupil, it may look like you have smaller inner pupil because the inner area does not get scars if you dilate. Scarring looks yellow
-pupil looks noncircular as one area releases or adheres ahead of other area
-lens capsule not replaceable. Yag surgery?.

- My scars have tended to go away but takes months. Docs seem to avoid subject and just say it is the drugs.

Conclusion : I will dilate when I have suspect red.
Begin monitoring eye chart when see red. Pinhole only monitors cells in vitreous. May or may not be useful.

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