First iritis experience

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First iritis experience

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Saturday OCT 20th I went to bed with sensitivity to light in my right eye. Woke up at 4am and it was worse. Took some ibuprofen and went back to bed. Woke up later in less pain but eye was red a light sensitivity was still there. Went to urgent care center Sunday morning, couldn't help much said might be scliritis and prescribed an antibiotic.
Spent Sunday with slightly blurred vision that got worse that evening. Woke up early Monday morning the 22nd eith hardly any vision . Saw the ophthalmologist at 8am he diagnosed irities eith cell count 4+. Prescribed prednisolone every hour while awake and atropine twice a day.
Went back thursday the 25th for another concern ( turned out to be just buildup on the steroid)
Eye pressure was good at 14 but no improvement in condition. Prescribed 60mg of prednisone once daily alone with drops.
Due back Monday the 29th for followup. Eye is clearing up well with the steroid tablets.

But here I sit wondering if my vision is ruined or just an effect of the steroid/ dialation combo. It's foggy and worse up close than further away.

Healthy 31yr old Male with no prior conditions although my dog jumped on my face that saturday morning but caused no pain at the time. Could this small accident set off all this inflammation? Takes most of the day for my left eye to take over and distance sight isn't to bad. Still very hard to focus

Iv been reading all I can mostly on this board as there is not alot of info out there.

Can anyone put my mind at ease a bit?

Not sure how to reply so I will edit..
Follow up today the 29th down to 1+ cell count and eye pressure was 8. Meds stay the same for a few more days then down to 40mg prednisone and follow up again on the 3rd in 5 days
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