Hello, call me Dig

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Diggy Smalls
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Hello, call me Dig

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First time posting here. Years ago I had a scratch on my eye caused by a contact lense, and somehow my body ran wild with this and I ended up with iritis in my left eye. I was misdiagnosed and given lots of anti biotics and it just got worse and worse and worse. The emergency room were like it's probably glaucoma, let's use a big needle. A second opinion requires brought me to an eye socialist where my journey began.

Suffice to say, I'm in a different town with bad insurance, and I don't know exactly what my other related conditions are, but definitely arthritis. Anyway, I have a flare up and it was a doozy this time. I like my doctors and I trust them, but man this is scary. Eye drop every hour and another 3 times a day. Daily visits to the specialist, then a shot to my eye and oral steroids to get the inflammation down. I could see their worry even though they were very professional.... But Friday was a quick morning visit. Looked in and said I'm turning a corner and we can meet again on Monday. But oh man is my eye bothering me. My second pred drop in the morning left a feeling like something is under my eyelid and my lid feels tired all the time. Like it's a task to open.
Hey, all this steroids action is making my joints feel like a million bucks! Need to burn off some of this extra energy.

I'm an artist, so I like my eye. But I'm not attached to it. I've come to terms with the notion of going blind in that eye a while back. My domestic partner can't handle that thought well. I feel like I'm acting strange, too. I feel strange.
So yeah. Hello.
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