Hi Everyone...I'm New!

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Hi Everyone...I'm New!

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Hi everyone...my name is Wendy and I have recurring Iritis for the past 20 years. I am HLA-B27 positive. I am having a difficult flare up right now.

I have always managed my flare ups with Pred Forte and Atropine. It always takes a few weeks of Pred Forte in the beginning at one drop an hour to bring this monster under control. I used to have trouble with rebound sometimes but I found a new doctor at Doheny Eye UCLA who suggested a slower tapering program that seems to work way better for me. I used to see Dr. Rao at USC. I saw him for years. He's a good doctor but to be honest I have never went with the doctors suggestions as I feel I know my own body and what I can/cannot tolerate. Both Dr. Rao and my new one...Dr. Olivia Lee agree that I've had the disease a long time and only I know what works for me and what doesn't. I don't have any eye damage from the steroids or Atropine.

I'm hoping to be able to become a part of this community to learn more about my disease and what works/doesn't work for my peers with Iritis. I tend to lean more towards as much holistic remedies as I can. Not from being stubborn mind you...but my system is extremely sensitive and not very tolerant of drugs without nasty side effects.

I hope I've found a place to truly feel comfortable and share.

Thank you for such an amazing forum!
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