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Introduction - mild Iritis

Posted: Tue Jul 19, 2016 10:36 am
by Lfk2008
Hi everyone!
I'm a little overwhelmed after doing research on Iritis I was diagnosed last Friday as having a case of "mild irtis". From what I have found online, this could really affect my vision..

My symptoms were red eye, pain when looking to the left or right (and pushing on eye), and slight tearing. I noticed a small transparent floater a few weeks ago but didn't think much about it. My symptoms started on a Monday and I went to the Dr on a Friday. They gave me steroid drops, 1 time every two hours for 7 days. When I go back this Friday they will look at my eye and taper me off (hopefully).
My symptoms cleared within a day of the drops, so I'm hoping this really is a mild case. They are having me meet with A Uveitis specialist next month to be safe and address possible causes, but is that too long to wait?

My fear is the possibility of increased eye pressure from the drops and well, the fact that I have this weird eye inflammation that at times, a cause cant be nailed down. Do I need to worry about blindness?

I know I'm freaking out a little, so I'm hoping I can get some answers and insight from you guys - the Dr was very nonchalant about this.
Thanks in advance!