Extreme Cloudiness

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Extreme Cloudiness

Post by patrick222 »

Hi, I'm on my third bout of iritis over 10 years and I am HLA-B27 positive. My first two times were extremely painful, I got to the doctor quickly, and was treated successfully. This time however,the symptoms crept up slowly - it seemed more like pink eye or allergies. By the time I saw the opth, my iris was stuck to the lens and inflammation was rapidly increasing.

I got on pred and dilating drops per usual, and the iris un-stuck and fully dilated within the same day. Inflammation is still high but I'm fairly confident that it will die down as I continue treatment. What I'm concerned about is my vision at this point. I have EXTREMELY cloudy vision, the looking through wax paper effect. I'm more or less just using my unaffected eye and keeping the affected eye closed. Vision in my affected eye is a complete hazy blur.

The cloudy vision crept up slowly over the days when the inflammation was increasing, so it's likely not cataracts at this point. I know the blurriness that dilating drops cause, but this is much different. Opth can see a lot of dead cells and some fragments of the iris stuck to the lens, and has said that my vision should clear up in a few weeks or so as this is slowly carried off by the fluid in the eye. I'm also scheduled to see my local specialist for the first time, but not until over 2 weeks from now.

Has anyone experienced this extremely cloudy vision? How long did it take to clear up?

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