To Racegal from Connecticut

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To Racegal from Connecticut

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So sorry it took so long for you to be diagnosed. Your case sounds so similar to mine. I started having eye pain, floaters and blurred vision end of .october. Opthalmologist told me I was imaginng things and just hadvposterior vireous detachments. He could see nothing else wrong.

Fast forward2-3,weeks later. left eye turned red, flashing started with more blurring and floaters that looked like oil slicks. Right eye had floaters thatbwere black like gnats...hundreds of the. Finally, optho said I had bilateral iritis. I was referred to a uveitis specialist. He ran 5 visls of blood work and sent me for chest xray. All tests negative.

On Nov. 23 rd the specialist started me on 40 mg. oral steroids and durezol eye drops every 2 hours. As of last Monday my posterior uveitis is quiet and I am weaning off steroids. Now on 10 mg. prednisone daily and 1 drop durezol. The hope is no flare as I wean off. Vision is almost back to normal. So thankful.

There is a list of uveitis specialists by state on this site. I think one of them could get you on the right track. They think my bilateral uveitis is related to psoriasis and hashi autoimmune.

Do you have any autoimmune diseases?
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