IOL. Uveitis in remission. Cataract from steroid inlections.

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IOL. Uveitis in remission. Cataract from steroid inlections.

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I’m hoping I can get your expert opinion. I am a 40 year old female. I was diagnosed w/bilateral uveitis in 2005. I was being treated by Dr. Ralph Levinson at UCLA/Jules Stein. Very recently, after multiple kenalog injections over the years, I was told today my disease seems to be in remission. Not surprisingly, I have developed cataracts from the steroids. The left eye is in need of cataract surgery. We are hoping the right eye cataract does not get any bigger.

I am trying to figure out if Crystalens is a safe option for me as I have gotten opposing opinions from uveitis specialists and cataract surgeons. Dr. Janet Davis, my retinal specialist at Bascom Palmer said she would consider it taking into account my age, that my work is trading stocks on a computer and that I am also an avid golfer. She is not in favor of the other multifocals and does not think I would be happy w/a monofocal IOL. As for the cataract surgeons, both who I saw about a year ago, Dr. Aker, Boca Raton, FL. says no problem, and another, Dr. Donaldson, also at Bascom Palmer says she wouldnt do it. Can you help point me in the right direction regarding research in this area or which doctor/surgeon in the country would have the most experience in this area.

I appreciate your time and would be grateful for any insight you could provide.

Thank you,

Mike Bartolatz
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Re: IOL. Uveitis in remission. Cataract from steroid inlections.

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I would trust DR Janet Davis at Bascom Palmer on selection of IOL.
if you seek the input from the top Ocular immunologist in the WORLD, then ask your question of DR Foster at in his ASK DR FOSTER forum. He is an excellent surgeon as well. he is in Cambridge Mass. and is a Professor of Opthalmolgy and Ocualar Immunology at Harvard. He started the Ocular Immunology and Uveitis Foundation and MERSI where he trains fellows in Ocular Immunology and practices as well as Mass. Eye and Ear Infirmary.

I am an old guy of 60 years. I have single prescription IOL's implanted and use a multifocal varilux lens in my glasses with no problems of daily living or while on the computer. if the mulitfocal lens is made incorrectly or implanted incorrectly, vision problems are MAJOR for us.
just my take on the situation as a uveitis patient with IOL's.
were you never offered something besides just corticosteroids to treat your uveitis?
what 'type' of uveitis do you have? anterior(iritis), intermediate or posterior or pan uveitis?
please know that the odds of renewed inflammation are high regarding the trauma of cataract surgery in a person with a history of uveitis. one should be without inflammation for about 3 months before undergoing cataract surgery. pre treament with a new steroid called Durezol and post op can help stop major inflammation. please see informaton I have posted regaring the use of Durezol in an annoucement in this forum.

Wishing you successful cataract surgery without inflammation,
Mike Bartolatz
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