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new diagnosis

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I am Kelly the mother of a 9yo, A, who was diagnosed with iritis yesterday (12/20/2007) It has happened at the end of a week of chicken pox. He was complaining that bright lights hurt his eyes, espically left, and it was all red. The clinic sent us to the opthmalogist for a same day appointment. A has it in both eyes he recieved dialating drops and a prescription for steriod eye drops 4x/day. After one day the right eye showed improvement but not the left.

I am wonering what to expect. A is now on a 2 week winter break from school. Is it likely to cleared up by then? will this be a life long tendancy? I realize these can not be answered specifically as every case is likely different, it is just something I have never heard of and feel thrown for a loop here, espically reading of those with it lasting years. A also has an autistic spectum disorder and is struggling in school only at a 1st grade reading level while in the 4th grade.

Oh it was acute iiritis 1 in the right eye and 2 in the left. I could see the computer moniter while the dr was entering info. How long is appropriate teatment with a general opthamoligist (sp?) before seeking someone specialized in this? We are in the Minnesota Twin City area.

Also my 2 yo has a red eye and is rubbing it alot. There is very little gunky matter collecting. The dr looked at him today too. There are no sores on his eye, but he would not cooperate with the --- is it called a slit microscope? exam portion. so we are just watching it for now, may treat with steriods propholatically. 2 yr old also is just finishing chicken pox.

I am going to cross post this in the pediatric section, but general disc seemed more active. The stickies on eye drops seem very useful and I will be playing eye dr with my little one too. Thanks for such a good collection of information.

Thanks for your time in reading this.
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HI Kelly,
I greeted you at the General discussion forum and at the Introduction forum.
I addressed the Herpes zoster virus there,
i also provided where there is a parent's forum, I help out there too.

i will get Renee' to post to you here as well.

Merry Christmas and God Bless,
mike Bartolatz
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Hi Kelly

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I'm sorry to hear what has happened to your son, but early aggressive treatment is the key. I wish I could tell you it would be gone soon, but I can't. Everyone is different, but the information that Mike gave you for treating the virus is priceless information.

My daughters uveitis reared its ugly head in 2002 after a case of antibiotic resistant strep throat. In her case she had it prior to us "finding" it, and she was too young (6) to know her vision wasn't that great.

I had chicken pox when I was 26, and I remember how my eyes hurt. With your son being autistic, he may have a high tolerance for pain. Keeping him in sunglasses will help to keep him comfortable. There is a WONDERFUL student handbook for parents who have children with uveitis at You can download it and print it out. I recommend you to give one to his teacher, principal and keep one for yourself!

Let us know how you doing,
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