Iritis problem

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Iritis problem

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thank you in advance for reading.
Could you please direct me if possible to the approximately relevant for me threads?
I am caucasian male 37 yo. Developed first Iridociclities (minor flare) on my honeymoon in Nov 2017, 'treated'with yellox.
Second episode of Iridocilities (this time diagnosed as such) in April 2018 was much harder and Ophtamologist could not open pupil with Tobradex/Tropicamida for about a week, therefore I ended up on Medrol for 1 month. She made a connection to autoimmune diseases, as I had accompanying cervical/occipital pains and here we go I was tested for HLA B27 - positive. CRP - 20, VSH -20, fibrinogen - 572 before Medrol. CRP - 11, VSH 15, fibrinogen - 412 after Medrol.
Visit at rheumatologist and AS diagnosis, although MRI of sacroiliac joint completely clean. MRI of the cervical spine I have performed before the pain started in FEB 2018 also completely clean. After I finished Medrol (1 month) for the uveitis, he put me on Arcoxia 60mg, which took away approx 40% of the cervical pain away. Therefore we moved to 90 mg, which alltogether removed about 60% to 70% of the pain/stiffness of the neck.
I decided to try another rheumatologist for a 2nd opinion. Conclusion: because SIJ has no symptoms + cervical pain does not show the typical AS signs (pain is all the time no matter night or day) she thinks its a mechanical strain, perhaps discopathy of cervical spine and no AS. + she said Uveitis and send me back to Ophtamologist. CRP - 31, VSH 30.
Ophtamologist did some proper yelling at me that the cause is AS and I should be treating AS, etc. She made a check up and concluded its another Uveitis flare just beginning to form (23.05.2018). So I am back on Tobradex/Tropicamida until next monday if no improvement we are back on Medrol. The issue is that Medrol does not help for the cervical pain at all, and I cannot sleep due to pain.
I am in some kind of a vicious circle with 3 episodes of Uveitis in 8 months. Medrol working on Uveitis but not on cervical pain, and Arcoxia the opposite.
I tried acupuncture - made no sense in my case
I swim a lot and do kinetoteraphy + yoga. I try these things not to put me down, so i keep active, but the eye is a problem.
Where shall I go next.
Input appreciated.
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