iritis algorithm: always hourly to trace

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iritis algorithm: always hourly to trace

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My doc said that he prescribes prednisolone 1% (hourly drops) until trace white cells for iritis. I have acute iritis. I mentioned that other docs scale back once cell count improves and he brought up retinal edema. I dont think i was worse than grade 1 but i did lose line on eye chart. I have eye chart st home which was extremely helpful. Four dsys after i noticed red , my vision blurred so i knew it was iritis.

My latest episode took 2 weeks to go to trace. I caught it early. Just a bit of red in corner of eye with no pain. Redness disappeared only when i went to trace so redness is good guide for me.
Vision also improved as i went to trace. I did not dilate eye as i csught it early. No scarring.(caused by synechiae)
I did have lots of floaters before i took steroids so floaters are good harbinger of anterior uveitis. I think you have to look for floaters or you might not notice if you are not experienced.

Docs seem to be using more sterouds instead of less. They are saying minimum of 1 week hourly.
This mught only be for acute iritis. Steroid sparing
Approaches might start after 2 months of hourly drops. Not sure. Dr foster say 850 drops(1 month hourly) =cataracts others say 24 months continuous hourly. If u respond to steroids, then a sparing approach makes more sense but the retina is more important than a replaceable lens.

I dont come here.often bevause it is stressful. I dont know much so cant answer questions.
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