Karen, Welcome to the group

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Karen, Welcome to the group

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Your story is an all too familiar one: chronic uveitis in a young child treated only with topical steroid eyedrops. it is time to move on to other therapy to make sure long term effects of the inflammation and the steroids used to treat it don't cause permanent loss of vision. We are here to help you in any way we can. Renee' will greet you as soon as she sees this not to you.

wishing you the very best,
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Re: Karen, Welcome to the group

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Hi Karen,

I hope your daughter can be seen by one of the doctors Mike has suggested. That really is the best way to fight uveitis, by finding an ocular immunologist or uveitis specialist who knows how to beat this monster out. My daughter was diagnosed in 2002, and she will be 14 next month. She has been quiet and off all medications for a year now. How are you doing, and how is she doing? I don't want to bombard you with a lot of information, but rather give you hope that uveitis can be put into remission. Getting her on the right medications, and off of the steroids is the first step.

Let me know how I can help,
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