Systemic corticosteroid toxicity from topical and periocular

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Systemic corticosteroid toxicity from topical and periocular

Post by Mike Bartolatz » Thu Nov 06, 2008 10:47 am

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Systemic toxicity of topical and periocular corticosteroid therapy in an 11-year-old male with posterior uveitis .
American Journal of Ophthalmology , Volume 130 , Issue 2 , Pages 240 - 241
U . Ozerdem

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PURPOSE: To report a case of systemic corticosteroid toxicity resulting from topical and periocular therapy.

METHODS: Treatment and follow-up of an 11-year-old male with uveitis are illustrated. Initial presentation of the patient was bilateral iridocyclitis, for which he was treated with prednisolone acetate 1% every 2 hours for 6 months. Subsequently, posterior uveitis developed, necessitating posterior subtenon injections.

RESULTS: After initial topical corticosteroid therapy, the patient developed a cushingoid habitus accompanied by increased lanugo hair, acanthosis nigricans, posterior subcapsular lens opacities, and increased intraocular pressure. Cushingoid stigmata worsened after administration of posterior subtenon injection of corticosteroids. The patient’s truncal obesity worsened, and his linear growth stopped.

CONCLUSIONS: Systemic toxic effects may develop as a result of topical and local use of ophthalmic corticosteroid preparations in susceptible patients.

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