Personal Health Records

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Personal Health Records

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Personal Health Records provides benefits such as storing and sharing of patients’ health records ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of patients’ information. This wipes out all the errors, associated with the conventional paper based system. It collects and stores the patients’ health information data from all the sources like hospitals, laboratories, healthcare professionals, pharmacies and insurance companies etc.

It allows patient to provide doctors with valuable health information that can help improve the quality of care that patient receives. Personal Health Records can help to reduce or eliminate duplicate tests and allow you to receive faster, safer treatment and care in an emergency and helps to play a more active role in yours and your loved ones’ healthcare.

Patient Health Records system collects all information pertaining to the patient, which includes past medical history of the patient, laboratory test results, medications etc. This allows doctors to have instant access to patients’ data, and can give right treatment with no delay, it offers secured storage of data. Regardless of the region and time, the authorized users can access the data for various purposes such as better treatment for patients, research of critical and peculiar cases, to avoid repetition of tests and etc. For more information we can visit eMediReport

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What is the purpose of your post? do you have ocular inflammatory disesse such as uveitis?
please make it clear why you are posting here.

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