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Post by jojo » Sat May 29, 2010 12:48 pm

Hi i suffer with iritis in both eyes but my right eyes is the worst, i was having pred forte drops every hour im my right eye and 4 times a day in my left im now on 5 drops a day in my right and 3 times a day in my left and i have cyclopentolate (mydrilate) 3 times a day and i'm suffering with pounding headaches on my right side, is there anything i can take as paracetamol isnt helping thanks 8)

Mike Bartolatz
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Re: iritis

Post by Mike Bartolatz » Sat May 29, 2010 1:00 pm

Many of us get terrible headaches along with uveitis. temporal arteritis is sometimes seen in people with uveitis. another cause if you are black is sickle cell disease. sometimes clotting factors found in blood can be tested for. amyloidosis is a condition found in some individuals. sometimes a brain scan is needed to rule out vascular diseases of the brain associated with uveitis. with eyepain often squinting allot causes tension in muscles of the face and head which can also lead to headache. I get headache allot and use of a hot washcloth over my eyes which helps. many years ago I tried straight codein tablets which didn't help at all. tension in my neck, I use heat packs that are microwaveable.
wishing you relief,
Mike Bartolatz

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