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Uveitis not getting better with steroid drops

Posted: Mon Feb 24, 2020 3:11 pm
by plushvelvet
I was diagnosed with uveitis and was put on steroid durezol 4x day and dilating drops 2x day since last Wednesday.

Just to give you a brief history, I was so ignorant about my symptoms, I waited 5 days with super reddened eye with serious symptoms to seek medical care. I have no other known auto immune diseases and felt healthy other than the fact that I would have occasional herpes breakouts inside my mouth whenever I am super tired. My health check up from 2 years ago came back with everything being normal and otherwise healthy. I'm 38 female with kids and have a healthy normal life, although I do strain my eyes a lot, I work on the computer almost 12 hours a day.
I did notice I had some slight redness around my iris time to time and had tearing on this eye when I stare into something for awhile but did not think anything much of it as those symptoms seem to come and go depending on my eye condition. Then, one day my daughter accidentally hits me in this eye and I was developing symptoms of iritis which I sat on it for about a week thinking it would just be a conjunctivitis.

The treatment for the eye seemed to be working pretty well until yesterday, although I was able to see some traces of pinkness in the eye, people who saw me would think the redness had all cleared up. The only thing that bothered me was the extreme blurred vision that was not getting better. The pain was pretty much gone and headache was gone too.
I realized though, every time I woke up from a nap or sleep throughout my treamtent, my eye was a lot pinker which then would clear away shortly.
This morning however (treatment day 5), I woke up to a more pink eye, which did not clear away, and I had more headache with a bit more pain when looking at something close. I was also tearing up, which did not happen while I was on treatment. So I went to the doctor this morning and was told to seek a uveitis specialist this week while continuing with the medication drops. Doctor said my eye pressure is normal and the adhesion is separated from the dilating drops. However there is still a lot of inflammation. He said I may have to get a shot in the eye or be on more medication.
He also said, maybe there is something in my retina to be further speculated.
So weird how things were looking quite good until yesterday, then boom, it is deteriorating.

Did anyone else experience fluctuating symptoms where it would get better one day, and worse another day, then get better again after?
Also waking up to more reddened eye - is this normal? I couldn't even ask this question to my doctor.
Also the vision - did anyone's vision ever came back to normal? And if it did, how long did it take you?

Thank you...any help is appreciated.

Re: Uveitis not getting better with steroid drops

Posted: Thu Feb 27, 2020 9:23 am
by vancouver
My iritis always starts in the night. Also, you have not taken durezol at night. Normal to be redder in morning.
Your episode sounds Normal for bad attack. Most iritis is idiopathic. Your child hitting u did not cause it.

Re: Uveitis not getting better with steroid drops

Posted: Thu Feb 27, 2020 9:25 am
by vancouver ... /index.php

Has more posters but almost no iritis patients post