Cortosone injections in the eye for pan uveitis

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Cortosone injections in the eye for pan uveitis

Post by linclan5 » Sun Mar 13, 2011 1:27 pm

I am going through my second bout of pan uveitis where my vision in one eye has suddenly become very blurry (unable to read even with magnification) because of the swelling in my macula. Drops do not work because it is in the back of the eye. Last time my doctor was able to get it into remission by putting me on oral prednisone and then tapering me off. This time I am not responding (I have been on 20 mg for 2 weeks) and he wants to give me a shot of cortisone directly into the eye (not under the sclera). I got a second opinion from Dr. Samson at NY Eye and ear and he says the cortisone shot may work, but the uveitis may come back in 3 months and I risk getting a cataract from the shot. He had no other suggestion thoug to get my vision back, except to stay on the oral prdnisone, but that is definitely not working. Does anyone have any advice about the shot or do you have any ideas about any other remedies? I also have iritis but that is responding to drops.

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Re: Cortosone injections in the eye for pan uveitis

Post by mtbargeman » Mon Mar 14, 2011 6:07 am

Hi, There!

Pan uveitis can be scary- I started out with Intermediate Uveitis in 2004, and by 2006, it had become Pan Uveitis,and I had several of these shots. Take tylenol before your appointment, and have an ice pack ready- one of those gel eye masks is awesome for this, because sometimes the shot will give a bit of a headache. All in all, it isn't horrible- it just sounds weirs when the medicine goes into t he eye. You need to get yourself onto Immune therapy. LIkely, they'll start with methotrexate. It has a good track record. You have to find a medication that calms down your immune system, so it stops attacking your vision. This may take a few tries, but I highly reccomend you do it. I did not receive this treatment soon enough, for various reasons, and I am now legally blind because of it. I use adaptive technology to work at my computer, I don't drive anymore, I lost a lot of color vision, and I don't see things in straight lines anymore. DO NOT END UP THIS WAY- trust me, you'll hate it. Argue and fight to get what you need. It's very important that you get immune modulating therapy, and get OFF steroid ASAP. Steroid causes all kinds of problems, including glaucoma and cataract. Not cool.

Take Care, and Keep Your Head UP!

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Re: Cortosone injections in the eye for pan uveitis

Post by Mike Bartolatz » Mon Mar 14, 2011 5:48 pm

Please see my response to your introduction,

wish you the best,
Mike Bartolatz

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