Please Introduce yourself

Please introduce yourself to others by posting a brief note here. This serves as an archive for the site and helps us keep track of our many participants' situations. You will not get replies to posts placed here. To interact with others, go to the GENERAL DISCUSSIONS area of this website.

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Please Introduce yourself

Post by Mike Bartolatz » Thu Aug 04, 2005 1:26 pm

Please introduce yourself. this is a place to tell YOUR story about uveitis and your experience, we will try to answer your questions and give you support in any way we can. once you have introduced yourself, please go to the General discussion forum to read response by others (Moderators can respond to you in the introduction forum)

we do have restrictions on topics to be posted here:
We also urge you to continue to ask questions and respond to others with uveitis at the
General discussion Forum here at

only moderators can post a response to questions in the INTRODUCE yourself forum. to respond to any comments made in the Introduce yourself forum, Please post to the general discussion forum by cliking ON the link above or at the top left side of this page.

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