HLA-B27 Iritis, durozol since Nov 2013

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Paul S
Joined:Mon Jul 31, 2017 3:16 pm
HLA-B27 Iritis, durozol since Nov 2013

Post by Paul S » Thu Aug 10, 2017 2:32 pm

Hello, my name is Paul, 31-year-old Male from Chicago. I had my first flare up November 2013, Optometrist put me on predforte with no improvement after a few days and went to see a specialist who got me on Durozol. The first initial flare up caused my pupil to stick and scare. This was the first bout and lasted the longest. Since then I have been having about 3-4 flare ups a year and less and less severe ones. They clear up after a few weeks. All of them always in the same eye Treating all with durozol and cyclo dilating eye drops. I tested positive for HLA-B27. My IOP also does not react to the durozol and increase. I have seen a few specialists in my region. Dr Patil, Dr Goldstein, and a Rheumatologist, Dr Woodridge. I was thinking about alternative treatment and have researched a lot in this forum previously. I have discussed MTX and NSAID with all my doctors. The side effects scare me a little but my vision in my left eye has slightly degraded in far sight. IS it safe to use durozol 3-4 times a year? I know it is not recommended as a long term solution but losing hair with MTX and being prone to infections with a lowered immune system seems bad. I want to try the immunotherapy approach to training my immune system. NSAID sounds the leave damaging but both my Rheumatologistlogist and optometrist feel it's not an effective approach. I have also changed my diet to a gluten carb free one in hopes of it maybe having an impact. Currently, I just had a flare up Monday night with having the beginning of foggy vision in my eye. Started taking the drops again.

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