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Post by marnix » Fri May 19, 2017 7:56 pm

Greetings from Canada. Uvietis has been part of my life since 2015. Over 2016, the episodes seem to be almost monthly. Prednisolone Forte has been the treatment, and this week, Cyclogyl 1% has been added. Blurry vision was the order of the day - and I am booked for cataract surgery at the end of June. I have an underlying cancer of the blood - chronic lymphocytic leukemia, and have been leukopenic for over 8 years now. The CLL has been pretty stable and is managed by infusions once a month ( not summer) of IViG ( white blood cells). I am worried about blurriness increasing, and also a little concerned about how cataract surgery will be managed. I have read Stephan Foster on this subject.

I look forward to reading about the collective experience found in this board.

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