Recurring Iritis

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Recurring Iritis

Post by teemarie84 » Fri Oct 21, 2016 5:01 pm

Hi my name is Tia, I'm 32 years old and have recently been diagnosed with recurring iritis. About 5 months ago my eyes began to have sensitivity to light while I was driving, they were then watering profusely which made it hard for me to drive. Because my family and I were headed on vacation I decided to try to deal with the pain and make it through. As the week went on my eyes got much worse (although the left eye was much worse than the right). They were turning red, watered constantly, burned, and if I was out in the sun I could not go without sunglasses. I couldn't wear my contacts and I had pounding headaches that even Tylenol could not help. This forced me to wear my glasses (which I am not fond of) but I had no choice because the contacts irritated my eyes. Later in the week I was in so much pain that I visited the emergency room, there they gave me eye drops for conjunctivitis. A few days later it began to get worse in both my right and left eye, so I went and visited another emergency room. They also prescribed drops for conjunctivitis. Although it began to relieve some pain, after we got home they still did not feel normal. I tried to wear contacts but my eyes would get irritated and burn. I went to my eye doctor and he told me I had inflammation in my eyes and prescribed me steroid drops. Within a few days, my eyes felt relief. A couple weeks later, I tried contacts again and my eyes began to burn, vision was blurry even with them in and I was getting terrible migraines. I felt relief when I would take them out and the headaches would go away, but I knew they were not normal. A couple months later I woke up with watering eyes, burning, swelling and pain. I called my eye doctor and he prescribed steroid drops, within a few days my eyes felt very relieved. Now, again, I am facing the troubles of watering eyes, burning, red, swollen eye lids and much more pain, to the point of crying. I have decided to try another eye doctor for a 2nd opinion and he has diagnosed me with the same thing, prescribing me steroid drops for my eyes. I had been taking them every 3 hours and did not feel any relief (which is unusual because before they had helped). I went back to the office after a couple days of my eyes getting worse with steroid drops and he decided to up the dosage and also give me dilating drops to help relieve pressure. I have only used the dilating drops a couple of times but they burn when I use them. He told me that it will take awhile and he wants to see me in 7 days. I am in pain and I can tell that my eye is not getting better. I have not been tested for anything, just prescribed drops. I know that my vision is getting worse in my eye and I am very afraid of losing complete eye sight in my eye. I just need some advice, nobody I know has ever had to deal with something like this and I am scared and extremely frustrated with no idea which direction I should go. Should I suggest shots? A pill? Xrays? Blood work? I feel that the doctor should be doing these things, but he seems to think I'm not giving it enough time. Please help. Thank you.

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