Hello from Connecticut in the good ole' USA

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Hello from Connecticut in the good ole' USA

Post by racegal » Mon Jan 04, 2016 6:49 pm

Greetings, and Happy New Year. I am here because I think I had iritis for many months that went un-diagnosed. I was finally diagnosed on 12/1/15 with iritis and CME...in both eyes. Just looking for some answers as I haven't been able to find any thus far. I saw my Ophthalmologist in September as my eye sight was rapidly deteriorating. He found me to have dense bilateral cataracts (I'm only 47 years old) as well as non dilating pupils, low eye pressure, adhesions and oddly shaped pupils. He didn't know what would cause all of these symptoms so he sent me to someone he thought might be able to figure it all out. This Dr. was a Cataract Specialist and he couldn't tell me what all of my symptoms meant but he felt that I needed cataract surgery as soon as possible. He was booked 3 months out but was able to get me scheduled 7 weeks out. After the surgery in which he had to use iris retractors due to the adhesions, he referred me to a Retina Specialist. The Retina Specialist has had me on steroid eye drops for the past 5 weeks but I still have the CME and inflammation in the back of my eye. I'm here hoping to find direction and some answers.

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