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Five Signs of Iritis

Iritis or inflammation of the iris is a rare condition of the eyes that affect less than 1% of the population. With proper diagnosis and treatment, this condition is often resolvable. Following are five signs of iritis that all people

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Understanding probiotics and autoimmune diseases

Is there a link between probiotics and autoimmune diseases? There is a growing number of patients who suffer from a wide range of autoimmune disorders, and although there are treatments like steroids being offered, most people are wondering if there

What is Iritis?

If you’ve¬†recently been diagnosed,¬†“What is Iritis?”, is the number one question we get asked on Iritis is the inflammation of the front part of the eye (iris).The condition is also known as anterior uveitis. Read more about the differences

Iritis and Pred Forte

Iritis and Pred Forte are commonly mentioned together. Pred Forte contains a steroid medication that eases redness, irritation, and swelling due to inflammation of the eye. It is normally the first plan of attack doctors use to calm iritis also

Do I have Uveitis or Iritis?

Have you ever asked youself, “Which one is it, Uveitis or Iritis”? Both Uveitis and Iritis have the suffix ‘itis’ which means inflammation. Broadly speaking Uveitis is an inflammation of any part of the uvea, while Iritis is the term

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Linking Iritis and Ankylosing Spondylitis

Iritis is an eye condition that is characterized by swelling of the front part of the eye. It is also known as anterior uveitis. Although iritis is an eye problem, it is often associated with a type of arthritis called