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New to this forum.....

Post by Awhite2714 » Sat Apr 07, 2018 3:28 am

I have had a long relationship with iritis. I first experienced a flare up in my early 20s, where I was misdiagnosed by 4 Doctors. My dad (who had AS and was HBLA27 positive) suggested I should go to A & E as he thought I had iritis. I was then diagnosed and given Maxidex and the dilating drops. I have had regular flare ups ever since. I have tested positive for the HBLA27 gene, but fortunately do not have any other symptoms of AS. I was fine throughout my first pregnancy with my son, but as soon as I fell pregnant with my daughter I had iritis from the outset and it continued throughout my pregnancy. I also had gestational diabetes. I am now in my late 40s and still get regular flare ups, at least three times a year. I have seen a consultant who has been very helpful and I am fortunate that my GP was an eye specialist and so is able to check my eye pressure regularly and keeps a close eye on me. I am now able to recognise the symptoms very early, which Is a very tender eye lid, it feels as though it is very bruised. I am a teacher and my flare ups often occur at the beginning of the school holidays, so my consultant thinks there could be a stress and a hormonal trigger for my iritis.

I am based in the UK and hope that I might be able to support anyone else who is struggling with their iritis.

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