Is Sight Loss Permanent?

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Is Sight Loss Permanent?

Postby Kevin » Mon Mar 15, 2004 10:11 am

My sister has iritis right now, and she has lost most of the sight in the one eye. It's mostly blurry and/or white. She was standing about 2 feet from me yesterday, and the only thing she could say was she saw my head and could tell that I had two eyes. That was actually an improvement from yesterday morning when all she could see was white.

The doctors are treating her right now with some type of eye drops every two hours. Is there more that can be done?

I'm really worried about her right now.

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iritis in children

Postby Mike Bartolatz » Mon Mar 15, 2004 12:46 pm

Is your sister very young? sometimes iritis (also known as anterior uveitis) can cause rapid vision loss. steroid eye drops are the mainstay of autoimmune related uveitis; but, other things can cause iritis like viruses and bacteria so the doctor looks for possible exposure to these things. If this remains chronic or recurrs you might have your sister see an Ocular Immunologist. Oftten vision can be improved. Cataracts can also appear from the disease process. It takes involvement of a uveitis specialist in many cases to evaluate whether or not a child is a good subject for cataract surgery.
You might want to join the following support group:

Wish your sister the best!
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vision loss

Postby kym » Mon Mar 15, 2004 9:50 pm

i had my first sxperience with iritis 3 years ago, my doctors felt it was caused by a severe strep throat infection i had 1 week prior. I to had vison loss, and my iritis continued for three months. i am happy to say , my vision has since totally returned back to normal. I am also happy to say that i have not since suffered with iritis since then. Although my doctors say it could only be a matter of time. there is great hope for your sister, just continue to support her, and encourage her to do as her doctor instructs her to do. good luck, kym. :)