Working while having iritis

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Working while having iritis

Postby AngeMN » Mon Aug 23, 2004 5:04 pm

Hi again,

I forgot to it bad to be working while you have iritis?? My job is really unbearable on my eyes...working under florescent lights, looking at a computer screen all day...and the office is really dry. I have a humidifier in my cube but that really doesn't seem to be working that well. I also have a protective glare screen on my computer. I tried asking my eye doctor several times if I should quit...and he kept saying he wants to get me better without changing my environment. I am worried, of course, that working here will not help my healing or make it worse.

what do you think?? My doctor also seems to suspect that the working environment here could very well have contributed to causing my eye problem. I have no problem quitting....I just want to get better.


Mike Bartolatz
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all I can do is suggest ways of coping with the Job atmosphe

Postby Mike Bartolatz » Tue Aug 24, 2004 1:33 am

I cannot tell you what to do with your employment. I can suggest a couple of things to make it a bit easier to work in your condtions.

1.) remove some of the lights in the overhead fixtures to reduce the amount of light in your cubicle.
2.) get a pair of wrap around sunglasses and wear them while on the computer and while working on paper as the glare is great in both situations.
3.) Remember to blink your eyes frequently. the drops used to treat uveitis can cause drying of your cornea which also leads to blur of vision. . Get some refresh Endura single use lubricating eye drops and instill them about 15 minutes after you put in your medications.
4.) ask if you can put your dilating drop in at NIGHT so that your eyes won't be as dilated during the day and thus you can focus easier

these sound like simple things and they are, I use brown tinted WRAP AROUND POLARIZED FIT OVER sunglasses here at home while on the computer.

if you cannot cope with this emotionally, bring this topic up with your PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIAN. most opthalmologists don't want to get caught in the middle between a patient and an employer. Employers indirectly pay their bills through employee health insurance. too many complaints to the insurance company by the employer for time loss etc and the doctor can get blacklisted too.

Wish you good health!
Mike Bartolatz


job environment

Postby Sharon » Tue Aug 24, 2004 11:30 am

Hi Angela,

You can also ask your opthalmologist to refer you to a low vision clinic. They can give you an evaluation of your functional vison and give you specific recommendations to take back to your your employer. The employer is required to make reasonable accommodations to allow you to do your job under ADA.

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Offering support, in same boat with work

Postby Kes1561 » Sat Aug 28, 2004 7:39 pm

Hi Angela,

This iritis is all new to me. I know I'm needing support. I thought I'd offer some to you.

I work in the same working environment, in a cube, at a computer all day. I'm wondering if I wear a visor to block the light over my head would help. I've always used one outside to cut the light coming from the sky. I use my car visor the same way.

My counter in my cube is light colored too. I put folders or books on the counter on one side to help cut the glare. It's funny the things you notice! Walking outside on a bright, sunny day on white concrete has always bothered me. I have to walk in the grass or on the pavement. I've always preferred low light. I hate it when someone turns on a lamp because they think I need it. I'm always saying, "TURN IT OFF!" Ha ha.

Best of luck,