If u use pinhole, you can see iritis cells

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If u use pinhole, you can see iritis cells

Post by vancouver » Sat Jan 13, 2018 7:25 pm

I think a shadow scope would also work. The cells are translucent with black outline. Just look into an led light.
Smartphone with white screen on max brightness works. Sky is OK but the lighting is not consistent outside. If you have a lot of floaters it can dirty up the view. Two plus cells are obvious. You should see the individual cells not cloud of dust. If you just look up at bright sky you will tend to just see floaters. Identifying cells obviously makes it easy to detect iritis early.
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Re: If u use pin hole, you can see iritis cells

Post by vancouver » Thu Jan 18, 2018 11:31 am

I'm at trace cells and can still see lots of cells. 1+ in other eye and tons of cells. Can sometimes see the nucleus of cell. Good idea to check out your eye w pinhole before you get iritis to identify floaters. I have a large floater that is comprised of cells. Looking up at sky with no pinhole, I just see faint cloud of dust. With pinhole or squinting, I see all the cells packed together.

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Re: If u use pin hole, you can see iritis cells

Post by vancouver » Sat Feb 10, 2018 11:21 pm

I'm at zero cells in both eyes but still lots of cells visible through pinhole. I assume most r in vitreous. You really have to do this a lot to become good. Right eye does not have many cells. Most cells r bloated so not new. Left eye has a ton of stuff. Maybe pigment from iris sticking.
Looking in bright sky for floaters is pretty worthless.
Hopefully, a lot of the crap in left eye will clear. The left eye was the one that got really inflamed this time. I will have no trouble detecting new cells in right eye. Left eye will be a bit tricky but should be able to. Cells can come and go so slit lamp exam can be misleading.

One lesson I learned is to push back eyelid and check for red 360 degrees. And touch red to test for slight pain.

I have severe iritis. Most people have mild or moderate which takes much less steroid. I also produce fibrin which is like glue. My doc stops dilating as soon as fibrin goes even if I have 2+ cells. My synechiae released by itself even though I have fibrin. I had no pain despite synechiae and sticking /releasing.

A synechiae does raise pressure a bit. Slows the drain.

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Re: If u use pinhole, you can see iritis cells

Post by vancouver » Fri Jun 29, 2018 3:10 pm

After six months, no false alarms. Pinhole works well.
Trace cells shows up as a ton of cell through pinhole.
Size of pinhole matters. A hole that is too small picks up to much detail. I had temporary synechiae at Christmas and on off sticking with no pain.i do have fibrin. Blurred vision is strong indication u have iritis. Causing the pupil to dilate contract de not generate pain for me. I was at 2 plus cells . Vision was 20/200.

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Re: If u use pinhole, you can see iritis cells

Post by vancouver » Thu Jul 19, 2018 2:52 pm

For clarity, I'm at zero cells but can see maybe 10 cells in
The pinhole anterior chamber. This technique is so powerful I think you see every cell in the anterior chamber so you can catch iritis before a slit lamp. The floaters and cells in vitreous do look a lot like iritis cells. However, the iritis cells are clearer/sharper and appear in forefront. You can see the iritis cells on top of the floaters. The iritis cells move independently (until they crowd each other) while cells in vitreous move in unison. Sometimes you see the nucleus
Of the iritis cells.

A few general lessons I have learned:
(Not necessarily applicable for mild and average iritis)

1. I have difficult iritis yet one drop can knock out the iritis for days if I catch iritis early. So, the doc will say clear . Caught late, even hourly drops for weeks won't defeat trace cells. In my case, it will return. Getting too zero cells is not enough. Must be hit hard or long. Not sure how long or how hard. Trial and error. Each person different

2. Regular docs at emergency can't use their slit lamp.

3. Synechiae can raise eye pressure. Normally, harmless.
Of course, 360 degrees is another story. Pain equals go to emergency. So, pressure rise may not mean you are
Steroid responder.

4. Don't trust optometrist with slit lamp.

5 .iritis red can come and go . Cells also can come and go during day.(when not taking steroids)

6. You will tend to deny iritis symptoms.
7. Blurred vision means time to dilate. Dilation does not cause harm for normal person.
8. Thickness of cornea affects your eye pressure measurement. I have thick cornea so a pressure of 26 is actually 24 for me.
9. Blurred vision is strong indication you have iritis unless
You have history of blurry caused by other factors.

10. If you are dilated and on adequate steroid dose a synechiae does not usually necessitate emergency care. The synechiae will release on its own or doc can use chemicals sponge. Again ,if in doubt,dilate.Not true for everyone. Confirm with doc. Every patient is different.
Granulomatous etc patients may require immediate care.

11. Red is very good way to detect iritis. For most people.
Good lighting in bathroom. Consistent lighting. Very small changes in red.

12. Sticking can be painless so beware. I produce fibrin so maybe that is why I can form synechiae painlessly.
Sticking damages lens capsule. The capsule can't be replaced. So, focusing on distance object or shining light in eye may not be painful until advanced inflammation.
13. Info on net about iritis is often wrong or subject to

14. Pain likely is caused when iris reaches advanced stage of inflammation. Not caused by sticking/scarring
15.hlab27 is indistinguishable from idiopathic ,at least as far as prognosis. Controversial
16.was on hourly steroid drops and dilation for two weeks. Did not affect my vision. However, it took me months to recover vision after stopping drugs. I think the inflammation screws up your vision and it recovers slowly. Vision loss was always correctable with glasses.
17.how much steroid drops b4 cataract? I'd say 1 yr hourly equals 50%

18. Have eye chart at home. Check eyes individually.
19.how often should p be checked when first starting
Steroids. I was not checked for a week on hourly drops
20. A drop of steroid clears my eye of natural red for two days. However, if I've been on drops for long time natural red is not affected much by steroid.
21.yellow lunch box

18.Confirm any of this with eye doc.

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