Iritis treatment

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Iritis treatment

Postby Sue » Sat Jan 01, 2005 12:32 am


I've had an interesting time reading this very informative website.
Whilst visiting family in England I started with a very painful light sensitive red eye on Dec. 22nd, despite a trip to casaulty on the 23rd I was midiagnosed with conjunctivitis. I now realise that my symptons were classic for Iritis. After 5 days my eye was no better and as I was then staying near a hospital with a specialist eye clinic I called there and was given the diagnosis of Iritis. I am HLA-B27 and have been investigated recently as I have had various aches and pains, mainly chest wall and heels but as they are not in traditional AS places no diagnosis has been concluded. My brother has AS.
My concern is I've now returned to Malaysia where I am currently living and my diagnosis and treatment have been changed. The eye specialist says I have Iritis but also the inflamatory cells are deeper inside my eye. I am continuing with the steroid drops every two hours but she told me to stop the dilating drops which I had only taken for two days saying they were unnecessary and difficult to tolerate in the sunny Malaysian climate. I am now also taking oral steroids for the deeper inflamation. I return to see the doctor in five days and am most concerned abouit the cessation of the dilation drops.
Also for the future I feel I could benefit from seeing a health practitioner who would take a more holistic approach to my symptons, any advice would be very gratefully recieved.
Thanks! :D

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Postby Mike Bartolatz » Sun Jan 02, 2005 4:26 pm

HLA B27 related uveitis more than just Ankylosing Spondylitis. it can also have links to other forms of arthritis such as Reiter's syndrome which has a specific triad of symptoms: uveitis, ankle pain/heelpain and genital rash. other digestive system illnesses can be related too. if your inflammation is in the middle part of the eye known as the Pars Plana which is the innermost part of the ciliary body adjacent to the retina then the Malaysian doctor is correct in that topical steroids will not penetrate to the middle or back of the eye. Oral steroids and Steroid injection to tisue SURROUNDING the eye are required to stop the inflammation. Immunomodulation is suggested if appropriate using NSAiDS or chemotherapeutic drugs. If you would like to chat with an individual who is presently studying in the USA who is Maylasian with uveitis please go to :
post a note in the General Discussion forum to: Tan, Chuan Seng
I look forward to your first post there.
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