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Post by sallyann14 » Fri May 18, 2018 1:37 pm

My name is Sally , I am based in the North West of England and until 14 months ago I had never heard of iritis/ uveitis. My experience started New Year’s Day 2017 when I woke up with a very red eye ( no prior warning) and over the next couple of days the pain got progressively worse, I called my GP and got an appointment and was told I had conjunctivitis which to be honest I knew myself it wasn’t. I was told to come back if no better in a couple of days. I went back no surprise there and another doctor had a look and gave me a letter and told me to go straight to the A&E and it was at the eye care centre I was told I had anterior uveitis, the episode lasted until April 2017 when I was discharged from the clinic and told there could be a possibility of a reoccurrence .Fast forward to December 2017 and that’s when the next flare up started and has continued ever since and it drags you down, I had to go as an emergency again at the beginning of this week as it had ramped up again. I have been on pred forte, Azarga, cyclopentolate and after today’s visit to the eye clinic I have been told by the consultant I have a cataract forming due to all the steroids drops. I have been referred to a rheumatologist due to family history so hoping to get some answers. After researching iritis I came across this forum and just thought any advice would be great from other sufferers.

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