Uveitis and post blurriness

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Uveitis and post blurriness

Post by sandraca » Fri Jul 01, 2016 11:27 am

I got uveitis for the first time at the end of April. I was initially put on Durazol X3 and a anti-viral as cornea specialist thought it was herpes simplex. I had breakthrough symptoms and was put on a Medrol pack. I was still getting a flare-up at least once a week so I went to our University eye care center where I saw a uveitis specialist (how lucky to find him). The first time I had a flare under his care he said he saw no inflammation but that my cornea was grossly swollen. He was stumped. He ran blood tests which were negative but felt it was not herpes simplex so I went off the anti-vitals. The next step is to biopsy fluid to determine cause/treatment. This is a very complex dance since my symptoms go away in a day. That I can handle. What is now frustrating me is that my close up vision goes through levels of blurriness that sometimes makes reading anything impossible without glasses and that is a big change. He thinks it is from dry eye though my eyes don't feel dry. I'm now trying over the counter lubricating drops. Just wondering if anybody else has had this. I wonder if it's a side effect from the durazol though it started with my left eye which had much less durozol than my right. Please comment.

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