This is my first experience with iritis

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deb beil
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This is my first experience with iritis

Post by deb beil » Tue Jul 25, 2006 7:33 am

I was diagnosed two weeks ago. After 12 days of eye inflamation and being told I had viral pink eye, I finally got a referral to an opthamologist who immediately put me on steroid drops and dilation drops that kept my eyes dilated. By that night my pain had decreased but I had so much scar tissue on my lens that I looked like I had a crooked cat eye. The doctor put me on stronger dilation drops that had to be special ordered and they popped loose all the scar tissue but one spot. He then put two types of drops together which succeeded in popping the last of the scar tissue. These new drops however did not last as long because he wanted the iris to start moving. It moved beautifully but the discomfort was immediately back as I had not really gotten rid of the iritis. The doctor had increased the steroid drops to 6 times a day but when the iris began moving again, the pain (at a much lower level) returned. Thankfully my vision seemed to be almost totally back to normal. After skipping a day and then using the shorter term dilation drops, I spent a day at the office with my office light off and a hat and sunglasses on each time I came out to prevent an escalation in irritation. I rented 9 light comedies this weekend and sat in my darkened basement watching TV most of the weekend. I also began waking up in the middle of the night to put steroids in as I realized that the 8 hours I went with no drops left my eye more irritated every morning. This rest of my iris seemed to help and I have now had several days with little irritation. However yesterday, my iris seemed to be sticking in the same spot that was the last to break free. I ran outside into the bright light and the iris closed and has remained circular. At this stage I am paranoid about 1. my iris sticking and 2. doing smething to increase the imflammation. No one around here but the opthamologist has ever heard of this condition. Am I progressing in a normal fashion or is there a normal fashion? I feel fairly satisfied with my opthamologist but I feel like if my iritis has not diminished significantly by my appointment Friday I need to ask about oral steroids. Would that be an appropriate question at that stage of treatment? I haven't even begun to deal with possibilities of recurrance, causation, etc.
Deb Beil

Mike Bartolatz
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Post by Mike Bartolatz » Tue Jul 25, 2006 11:23 pm

two weeks is not a long time to have uveitis. it can take six weeks or more to quell a bout of this stuff. it sounds like your doctor is being aggressive and must have experience with this or he wouldn't have been able to break the adhesions between the iris and lens free. if it remains chronic or if it returns, then it might be time to try alternatives to the steroid eye drops alone.
do you have any form of arthritis or autoimmune disease process going on or any exposure to pathogens lately?

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wish you the very best,
Mike Bartolatz

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